Accelerated global warming


Channel: Online Lecture Series: 1.5 °C global warming by 2030? Consequences | risk reduction | adaption


Lecture 1: Tuesday | 25th May 2021 | 18:30 – 19:30 (CEST)

Introduction: Dieter Westerkamp, Technology and Society, VDI, Düsseldorf, Germany
Title: „Accelerated Global Warming - Current Facts and near-term Consequences“
Speaker: Volker Wittpahl, Director of Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit), Berlin, Germany


Climate and climate change are global system relevant influences that affect all of us. In many public discussions, however, there is a lack of understanding of the causal relationships. This is most evident in global warming. On the one hand, it is an indicator of change and, at the same time, a control variable that forms the basis for political climate goals and measures, such as the Paris Agreement of 2015 or the EU Green Deal.

In order to be able to assess the impact of measures, however, an understanding of the basic dependencies within climate is required. In the presentation, the (physical) interrelationships as well as the current situation of accelerated global warming will be explained in a clear way for an interested layperson.